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MyTickie Sage Cream Pillow Case Set

MyTickie Sage Cream Pillow Case Set

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Our soft and durable pillowcases are engineered in, and shipped from Canada. 

All of our products pass the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. That means that they do not contain any harmful materials or contaminants that could be dangerous to your health.

Made from microfiber polyester, the MyTickie Check Me Out Blue pillowcase set is durable and soft. It’s perfect for all sleepers, no matter if you run hot or cold during the night. 

Our pillowcases are also extremely lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, which means that they don’t need ironing.

Another benefit of having a MyTickie Check Me Out Blue pillowcase set in your home is that it is easy to clean and care for. All it needs is some mild laundry detergent and a cold, gentle rinse.

To accommodate different beds and pillows, all of our pillowcase sets come in two sizes: Standard and King.

If you prefer sleeping on a bigger pillow, you should choose the King, which is 20" x 36". But if you’re sleeping on a standard pillow, the 20" x 26" should be just the right fit for you.

Best For

  • Those looking for a fun print to liven up their space
  • Someone looking for low-maintenance bedding
  • People who want softness with durability
  • Those looking for pillowcase sets that won’t break the bank

Why Choose MyTickie

  • We are PROUDLY Canadian
  • We are Oeko-Tex Standard-100 Certified – There are no harmful materials or contaminants 
  • 30-nights guarantee
  • We ship all across Canada and the United States
  • We offer a wide variety of payment options
  • We have a number of different sizes to choose from
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