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Our Story

The story of our Tickies is a long and beautiful one, having started some 60 years ago when the kids in our families started calling their blankies, Tickies. 

Since then, the name has been something that has been passed on through every generation, with each new family member and each new Tickie. 

But it is so much more than just a name to us. 

Our Tickies became key parts of our childhoods, something that was there with us, weathering every storm. They have followed us through the good times, and the bad ones.

It didn’t matter to us what our Tickies looked like or what they were made from. All that mattered was the sense of comfort and warmth we would feel while being enveloped by a Tickie. 

Saying that a Tickie could be found in every corner of every room or car would be an understatement. Tickies followed us on family vacations, kept us warm during hockey tournaments, and made us cozy during movie nights.

With each use and wash, our Tickies only became softer and more comforting.

Our dream is to pass on the Tickie to the world. We want everyone to experience that same warmth and comfort that we felt throughout our lives.

Voila! MyTickie was born. 

A comforter that provides the ultimate comfort, and at the same time simplifies your bedding. Literally wash, dry and jump in! No Duvet, no duvet cover and no top sheet! Just simple comfort!