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Our Materials

When deciding on the best material for our comforters, after much research and trial, we landed on Minky. 

It’s a fabric that’s traditionally been used to make baby blankets and baby clothing. It is soft, sweat wicking and temperature regulating.

Minky is hypoallergenic, perfect for those prone to irritation and allergies. 

Minky manages to be extremely soft while maintaining durability, which is exactly why we chose it for our comforters.

Why Minky?

It’s super soft – Minky is renowned for its soft, silky texture, which is 100% polyester fabric that feels luxurious and supple.

It’s a perfect weight – Minky has all the benefits of down fabrics, without being too heavy or restricting. 

It’s immensely durable – Thanks to its tight-knit, Minky is extremely durable, which means that your comforter will last you for years to come.

It’s great for cool and warm sleepers – No matter if you get too cold or too hot when you sleep, Minky is the right fit. The fabric is incredibly breathable and offers natural temperature regulation. It’s also sweat wicking and provides the ideal sleep experience.

And for our pillowcases…

Our pillowcases come in sets of two, in both King and Standard. We have pillow cases that match perfectly with the top fabric of our comforters. Our pillow cases are sold separately.