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Installation, Wash and Care Guide

When creating the MyTickie, ease of care was first in our mind. 

In a complicated and expensive bedding world full of duvets, duvet covers, tie downs, zippers  and top sheets - we’ve simplified it for you. All you’ll need now is a MyTickie. No more costly trips to the dry cleaners or your mom’s house… 

You can wash and dry your MyTickie in up to 2 hours and make your bed in 20 seconds, we guarantee it! 

How to Wash a MyTickie Comforter

The low-maintenance nature of Minky means that it can be easily washed and dried without having to use any special equipment or products.

The most important thing to remember is to wash your comforters in cold water, with a mild, liquid detergent. 

Due to Minkys durability you can either dry your MyTickie on a low heat setting or you can hang dry, whichever you prefer. 

Use only enzyme stain treatments, never use bleach on your comforters because it can cause irreparable damage.

To recap:

  • Use mild, liquid detergents to wash
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Hang to dry or use the lowest heat setting
  • Do not use bleach

How to Wash MyTickie Pillowcase Sets

Just like the MyTickie blankets, we’ve made our pillowcase sets easy to clean and maintain. 

When they’re ready for a wash, put your pillowcases in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent.

In the dryer, make sure that your pillowcases are on a delicate cycle or the lowest possible heat setting. If you don’t have a dryer, just leave them out to hang dry.