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Comforter Sizes

When creating all MyTickie products, we wanted to ensure a variety of sizes. No matter the size of the bed, big or small, we’ve got you covered.

Unlike other bed throws or comforters, we decided to make our sizes a little more generous. This allows for the Comforter to fall nicely around the edges of your bed, creating a clean and beautiful look. 

Are you sharing a bed with someone and tired of fighting for blankets? Is your bed full of multiple blankets and throws because your partner cannot get cozy? Are you waking up at night because you are being strangled by the top sheet? 

In any case, a MyTickie comforter is going to be the answer to all your problems.

So let’s see how our comforter sizes compare to traditional mattress sizes.





38" x 75"

68" x 88"


54" x 75"

81" x 88"


60" x 80"

96" x 96"


76" x 80"

114" x 96"

Standard Sham

20" x 26"

20" x 28“

But don’t think we’ve forgotten about the smaller members of your household! In addition to our regular comforters, we also make products for babies, kids and pets. 

You can find most of our styles in baby and pet bed sizes, and they are as follows:



Small Dogs

30" x 44"

Large Dogs

60" x 44"


48" x 48"

So as you can see, we’ve got everyone covered. From the tiniest of pooches to the biggest of beds, MyTickie has something for everyone. 

But before you order your dream comforter, make sure you’ve taken the right measurements of your bed to ensure the best results.