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Types of Blankets to Consider Before Your Next Purchase

Types of Blankets to Consider Before Your Next Purchase

Are you looking for some new bedding to spruce up your home or bedroom but feel overwhelmed with the choices? Are the types of blankets starting to sound all too similar?

Well no need to worry, MyTickie has you covered! Today, we’re going to break down the different blanket types, who they’re good for, and what their drawbacks are. With our guide, you’ll easily be able to make your decision.

The Extensive Guide on the Types of Blankets

Blankets come in many different sizes, shapes, colours, fabrics, and price ranges. They also have different purposes and meet different needs, which is why understanding their subtle differences is key.


Arguably one of the most widespread types of blankets is comforters and you’ll see them in homes all over the world. No matter their filling, comforters usually provide a lot of warmth, even more so than any other blankets on our list.

Comforters consist of three parts, with the middle having some insulating material, like cotton, wool, down, or polyester. They’re usually ready to use right after opening and don’t require special covers. The only drawback of comforters is that, depending on size, they can be quite bulky, and require larger washing machines to be cleaned.


Next up are duvets, which are often confused with comforters. And although they serve a similar purpose, the biggest difference between the two is in style. Unlike comforters, duvets aren’t usually ready to use right out of the package and require some sort of cover.

Duvets aren’t stand-alone sleep aids, more like inserts to be put in a shell, like a duvet cover. However, they offer just as much warmth and durability as comforters.


Like comforters, quilts consist of three layers: front, middle, and back. The top and bottom layers are fabric, and the middle layer is a filling that can be made from cotton, wool, or polyester.

The most distinctive quilt feature is the unique stitching and small pieces of fabric, often making it pretty colourful. Also, since most quilts are made from cotton and are pretty lightweight, they can be used all year round.

Throw Blankets

Throws are types of blankets mostly used for decorative purposes because they tend to be smaller than comforters and duvets. They’re usually just made from one piece of fabric and provide accent colours and a bit of texture to rooms.

Throws can be made with different materials, but the ones we see most often are woven or knit. In addition to decoration, people also use throws as swaddling blankets because they’re not too heavy.

Waffle Weaves

Like throws, waffle weave blankets consist of only one layer of fabric, most commonly cotton. Their name comes from their interesting texture, which looks like a waffle. But the waffle texture is more than just a fun look, as the small pockets trap air, making the blanket feel both warm and light.

Since they’re only made from one piece of fabric, waffle weave blankets are usually used during the hotter months. Of course, they can also be used as an extra layer during the winter or by those who run hot at night.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted or gravity blankets are a relatively new invention and they haven’t been around as other types of blankets. These oversized blankets are usually filled with something, like plastic pallets, glass beads, or extra fabric to increase their weight.

Weighted blankets use the principles of Deep Touch Pressure, and can help those struggling with sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and even ADHD. They’re also the perfect choice for those who want to cut down on tossing and turning at night and improve their sleep habits.

Electric/Heated Blankets 

Heated blankets are made with an outer layer of fleece, polyester, or microfiber, which means that they’re fuzzy and soft to the touch. But unlike the traditional filling, heated blankets have a complex wiring system inside, which allows them to heat up the blanket. Electric blankets are perfect for those freezing nights and they can be controlled with a remote. 

However, there’s a big caveat when it comes to heated blankets that no other blankets have. And that’s that if left on for too long or if they have bad wiring, they’re potential fire hazards. The only way to avoid this is by buying blankets with a timer and checking the wiring on a regular basis.

Sherpa Blankets

Like waffle weaves, sherpa blankets are both lightweight and warm thanks to their unique materials. They have two sides, one being a smooth flannel, and the other a fuzzy fleece.

The flannel side can be any colour or pattern, while the fleece is usually white or a solid colour. Sherpa blankets are an excellent choice for layering under light comforters, and they tend to be pretty affordable.

Chenille Blankets

Those who have softness as their top priority when buying a blanket, have to consider chenille. The chenille blanket fabric, which can be cotton, rayon, or acrylic, is formed by tightly wrapping yarn around a core. That causes the edges of the fabric to stand out, thus creating a soft and unique blanket known as chenille.

Even though they might look high maintenance, chenille blankets are usually easy to care for. However, even though they’re comfortable and look beautiful, these types of blankets usually come with a high price tag.

Afghan Blankets

Afghans are usually colourful knit or crochet blankets that are made out of wool, yarn, or even cashmere. They’re often throw-sized, and like throws, provide rooms with a great pop of colour and texture.

Afghans only have one layer of fabric, which means that they’re pretty lightweight but they can still be used for warmth. The one downside of owning an afghan blanket is that it’s often tough to clean, and requires dry cleaning or hand washing.

To Sum Up: The Types of Blankets

We hope that our list has helped you understand all the different types of blankets there are, and what they can do for you. 

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