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No Laundromat: What Size Washer for King Comforter

No Laundromat: What Size Washer for King Comforter

Wouldn't it be nice to wash the king-size comforter without visiting the laundromat?

Whether you are concerned that your washer capacity isn't able to take that workload or you are uncertain about the wash cycle you use. Hence, we rounded up a few of the washer models that can handle these loads. So, let's discuss what size washer is for a king comforter. 

First Things First: How Big are King Size Comforters?

Have you ever wondered how large king-size comforters are? Or maybe, have you pondered if they fit in the washing machine? We imagined the same thing when we made our king-size quilt. But, with all of the perks of a king-size bed, it is essential to know what it takes to take care of it properly.

As we all know, one of the most frequently asked questions in the bedding industry revolves around king-size comforters. MyTickie king-size comforters measure 114 x 96 inches.

Now, this may seem like a simple enough question with a straightforward answer, but you'd be surprised at how many people get confused by the size and the weight of the comforters.

MyTickie king-size comforters are available in different materials: 100% Textured Cotton, 100% Microfiber Polyester, 40% Tencel, 45% Cotton 10% Linen. In addition, they come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your bed perfectly. 

Now we come to the vital question: how much does a king-size comforter weigh? Depending on the comforter's material, it can weigh approximately 1.5-2kg or 3-4lb.

Why is it important?

Because many people wonder if it will fit their washer or dryer. In general, the dimensions should fit, but you have to consider the capacity of the washing machine. 

Too Big for Washing Machine: What Size Washer for King Comforter?

Let's say you want to wash your new comforter. It's a king-size comforter, so it should fit in the washing machine. However, don't be hasty to stuff it into the washer. You might want to consider your washer capacity and read the label on the comforter.

Otherwise, you might accidentally rip it or damage heaven knows what else. So, if you want that luxurious fabric to keep on having that toasty warm feeling, let's look at some examples of washing machines capable of washing king-size comforters. 

Companies like LG, GE, and others are in a sort of arms race regarding marketing new and exciting features for their home appliances. True, each has its advantages, but, in this case, the brand of the washer has little to no influence on whether or not you can wash your king-size comforter in it. 

The best washer for king-size comforters is not decided by features or the brand but rather the capacity. Oversized bedding requires big washers, simple as that. King comforters are among the largest bedding you can find and can even extend past the length of the bed itself. This means you need a medium to large washing machine that can handle a king-size comforter. But how big is that? 

It can get confusing when trying to determine whether or not a king-size comforter will fit your washer. So, let's look at the capacities of different washing machines.

Compact Washers

Compact washers are an increasingly popular choice among apartment dwellers. Some models installed under the kitchen counter are particularly convenient and offer storage space. In addition, compact washers are a smaller, more efficient alternative to your standard washer. 

Their capacity is up to 3.5 cubic feet, sufficient for a single person or a couple. If you are looking for dimensions, they are mostly up to 27 inches in width, 34 inches high, and 23 inches deep. Although they are space efficient, they can accept up to 14 pounds of laundry. 

Standard Washers

Standard washers can wash up to 16 pounds of laundry, which is why people often refer to them as medium washers. Their capacity is up to 4.5 cubic feet; you can find them as a top or front loader. Standard washers are up to 27 inches wide, 39 inches in height, and 34 inches deep. 

Large-Capacity Front Loaders

Large-capacity washing machines require a lot of space, especially if you have a dryer. They can take up to 25 pounds of laundry. Their capacity reaches six cubic feet, which is excellent for large families.

If you are wondering about the best washer for your bedding, chances are that it will fit these machines just fine. Dimensions of these machines are up to 40 inches in height, 30 inches wide, and 35 inches deep.

Tips: How do You Wash a King Size Comforter in a Washer?

Your king-size comforter is susceptible to change like any other fabric or clothes. So naturally, you don't want to let it get ruined by improper washing. So if you're wondering how to wash a king-size comforter in a washer. 

Check the Tag

Before you throw your comforter in the washer, it's essential to check the tag first. If it says "machine washable," you can proceed. However, some materials are not machine-friendly, and often labels will state something like "dry clean only" or even "hand wash only," you'll need to take special care of your comforter to keep it clean and fresh.

Use the Right Size Washer

A key step to washing your king-size comforter is using the right size washer. It would be best if you didn't overstuff the washer, which can cause it to jam or break down.

On the other hand, you want a large enough capacity to allow your comforter to move freely during the wash cycle without being forced into the tub, as this could damage delicate fibers and threads. A good rule of thumb is to leave a space of one hand palm between the laundry and the top of the washing machine drum.

Choose the Right Detergent

The first step to washing a comforter is picking the suitable detergent. Detergents designed for specific materials are usually safe and gentle on fabric, but check the label before using them because some may not be suitable for your king-size comforter. Choose a mild detergent that does not contain bleach, as these can damage the fabric of your comforter.

Choose the Right Type of Wash Cycle

Your washing machine has a gentle cycle, but not all washers have this option. If you're lucky, your machine will have a setting that says "gentle" or "delicate." If not, use cold water instead of warm or hot water. 

The heat from hot water can damage your comforter and cause it to lose its ability to insulate you from the cold air outside your bed at night. Cold water also helps prevent shrinkage because there is less friction between the fibers in the fabric during the spin cycle! If you're using a front-load washer, set the machine on low speed with an extra rinse cycle to remove all the soap.

Can I Put my Comforter in the Dryer?

You can put your comforter in the dryer for a short period to remove excess moisture. However, the best way to dry your comforter is still hanging it outside on a clothesline or drying rack.

If you need to use the dryer, there are some things you need to consider: Use low heat and only run the machine for 30 minutes at a time; this will reduce any damage that may happen from over-drying and increase the longevity of your cover. 

How Often Should Comforters Be Washed?

It depends on how often you use it and the material of your comforter. In general, however, you want to wash it every month or two to keep the fabric clean. 

Takeaway Washing Your King Size Comforter in a Washer

For load capacity, bigger is better—no question about it. The higher your load size capacity, the more you can stuff inside your washer at once. That said, be warned: bigger doesn't always equal cheaper, especially not when it comes to top loaders. 

We hope these tips have helped you better understand the washing process for your king-size comforter and the size of the washer capable of washing it.

Of course, you want to ensure that your washer is large enough to clean your comforter, so it's essential to look at each machine's capacity before buying. Start by looking at the manufacturer's size chart, which lists the maximum weight you can wash in the machine.

So that's it! The final word is what size washer you'll need for a king-size comforter. And there you have it – the best washing machine for king-size comforters is, in fact, a high-capacity front loader.