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Can You Wash a Comforter and What Do You Need to Do It

Can You Wash a Comforter and What Do You Need to Do It?

Can you wash a comforter without damaging it or the filling? Is it possible to do all the maintenance at home or do you need to take it to a professional? 

Given their bulky size and weight, washing a comforter presents a challenge to lots of people. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, we’re going to answer all of your washing, drying, and maintenance questions and talk about the right ways to take care of your bedding.

What Is a Comforter?

Before we go on and see how can you wash a comforter, first, let’s break down exactly what it is. Even though it serves the same function as a duvet, they’re not the same.

You see, a comforter consists of two pieces of fabric, stitched together and stuffed with some sort of filling. The filling can be natural and synthetic, and it’s one of the biggest contributing factors to comforter maintenance. Fabrics like Minky are more low-maintenance compared to down or silk, which require a bit more care and effort.

A comforter’s outer layer can also be made of various fabrics, like cotton, silk, polyester, etc. And that’s where the biggest difference between a comforter and a duvet is. The former needs an additional layer, like a duvet cover, to create a complete bedding set, while the former doesn’t.

Like the MyTickie comforters, most of these blankets have a unique design and style already built-in and don’t require additional bedding. But that’s what makes them a bit more challenging to clean as well.

You see, with a duvet, if you get a spill or stain, you can simply remove the cover and wash it by itself in the washing machine. But a comforter has to be cleaned as a whole in a machine big enough to accommodate it.

Can You Wash a Comforter?

Let’s get right down to it – Can you wash a comforter? Yes, you absolutely can and should. Like any other bedding in your home, a comforter will absorb dust or body oils while you sleep, which is why cleaning it is key.

There are some debates on how often you should wash your comforter because it depends on how often you’re using it. It’ll also depend on how many people are sharing the bed/comforter, whether pets are sleeping on it, and your personal preferences.

However, barring any spills or stains, a good rule of thumb is to wash your comforter 2–4 times per year. If you feel like it needs to be cleaned more or less than that, go with your gut.

How Can You Wash a Comforter at Home?

Another dilemma many people face is whether to wash their comforters at home or have it done by professionals. We’re here to tell you if your comforter can comfortably fit inside your washer, there’s no reason not to do it at home. Here’s how.


First things first, you need a front-loading washer that’s big enough to comfortably fit a comforter inside. Top-loading machines won’t work because the spindle inside can damage the filling. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t put your comforter inside a washing machine if there are any holes or rips in it. That can lead to the filling spilling out, ruining your comforter.

Once you’ve done a visual inspection of rips, check for stains and spills. If there are any, treat those first using an enzymatic cleaner or non-chlorine bleach. Never use bleach on your comforter because it can ruin the filling as well as the topside, no matter if they’re natural or synthetic.


When you’ve done all that, load your washing machine and use a mild laundry detergent only. If you have a down comforter, try to find a detergent that is down-friendly.

Another trick to ensure the filling stays plush, especially the natural types, is to put two tennis balls wrapped in socks in the machine. The balls will ensure the filling doesn’t clump and they’ll provide that extra bit of agitation to remove excess dirt.

When you feel like your comforter is sitting inside the washer with ample room to spare, it’s time to put on a gentle cycle. You should also consider washing with colder temperatures to avoid damaging the filling.

If you can, you might want to do another cycle after the first one but without any detergent. It’ll help remove any and all buildup, leaving your comforter fresher for a long time.

Washing a Comforter by Hand

Another question people frequently ask is how can you wash a comforter by hand if it doesn’t fit in the washer. It’s actually pretty simple, albeit a bit time-consuming and exhausting.

To wash your comforter by hand, you need a bathtub or a large sink and access to running water. Plug the tub/sink, put your comforter inside, and start the water.

When the comforter is submerged, add some mild laundry detergent, and start agitating. When you’re happy with the wash, leave the comforter submerged for another 15–20 minutes. Then, unplug the tub, and press down on the comforter to remove excess water. Avoid wringing or twisting to keep the filling in one place.

You can repeat the steps we’ve outlined a few times until you’re happy with the results. And to ensure there’s no soap or detergent buildup, do the steps one more time without them.

How to Dry a Comforter

How you dry your comforter is potentially just as important as how you clean it. You can put it in the dryer, provided that it’s big enough and your bedding can sit comfortably inside.

Just like with the washer, you’ll need to put it on a low-temperature, gentle cycle to avoid damaging the filling.

If you don’t have a dryer at home, you can air dry it, but it will (of course) take more time. Depending on the filling inside and how warm it is, you can expect it to be done in a day or two.

To Sum Up: Can You Wash a Comforter

Now that you know that you can wash a comforter and what it takes to do it, you can rest (and sleep) a bit more easily.

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